Our project, under the auspices of Erasmus+, focused on dismantling gender stereotypes and fostering an environment of mutual respect and understanding. We aimed to empower young individuals from diverse backgrounds by providing them with the tools and knowledge to challenge societal norms and advocate for equality.

It take place in Hotel Preslav, Golden Sands, Varna, Bulgaria on 29.08-4.09 There was 40 participants between 18-30 years old (8 from each county) from Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Italy and Poland.

The heart of our project was our participants – dynamic young individuals aged between 18 and 30, along with experienced group leaders. Emphasizing gender balance, we ensured an equal representation of all genders. Our selection process, based on motivation, potential, and eagerness to learn, prioritized inclusivity, especially for those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

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What we have done

Innovative Activities and Methods Our activities ranged from interactive workshops, cultural exchanges, and outdoor activities to creating short films and informational materials on gender equality. We utilized participatory methods, encouraging active involvement and personal contributions, which fostered a deeper understanding of the topics.

Promoting Reflection and Personal Growth Each day concluded with introspective sessions where participants reflected on their learnings and experiences. This approach not only solidified their understanding but also enhanced their social, creative, and public speaking skills.

Long-Term Impact and Community Involvement The project transcended its immediate scope by instilling lasting values in participants. They emerged as advocates for gender equality, equipped to spread their learnings in their local communities and beyond. Additionally, the project strengthened our partnerships with other organizations, reinforcing our commitment to cultural projects and youth education.

Visibility and Promotion of Erasmus+ We actively promoted the Erasmus+ programme, ensuring its visibility within our organization and the wider community. Through various channels, we shared the enriching experiences and outcomes of our project, highlighting the opportunities that Erasmus+ offers.

Conclusion Our journey with Erasmus+ has been one of growth, learning, and impactful change. We’ve witnessed firsthand the power of education in transforming perspectives and fostering a more inclusive society. We are proud to be part of this change and look forward to continuing our journey in promoting equality and diversity.

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At the end of the cource we make anonimus evaluation. We are happy to get those results.

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